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Launched in 2011, Architectural SSL‘s PIAs recognize innovative concepts, products, components, and systems in the architectural space. Of the thousands of lighting products brought to market each year, the PIA honorees represent the finest.


The recently launched OLPG1 parking garage fixture was selected as a 2023 BrightStar Award recipient in the Outdoor SSL category. LEDs Magazine’s annual awards program recognizes ingenuity in products, addressing five key factors: performance, reliability, efficiency, ease of integration/use, and innovation. Winners were determined by a panel of industry experts in design, manufacturing, and market development.


“Optec is proud to announce that our OLPG1 Garage Light was awarded the Product of the Year by EC&M in the “Surface Mount / Suspended Luminaire” category.This annual competition recognizes innovative new product releases and category winners are selected by a panel of industry-expert judges. Our OLPG1 fixture was noted for minimizing glare, eliminating cave effect in parking garages, as well as the aluminum pressure die-case design.” 

EC&M Poduct of the Year Nomination