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Optec LED Lighting OLPG1 Parking Structure Light

Parking Garage

Optec LED Lighting’s OLPG1 Series Garage Light is a stylish, low-profile luminaire designed optically for lighting parking garages. Excellent optical performance is achieved via edge lighting and delivered through a UV-stabilized, specially-designed lens. LED life is enhanced through efficient thermal coupling and dissipation through its durable pressure die-cast, low copper alloy aluminum housing. OLPG1, engineered to last using high-performance gaskets, coatings, and proven-sealing techniques make it ideal for all weather conditions. The OLPG1 Garage Luminaire is available with several options including alternate CCT choices, multiple finishes, occupancy sensors and other accessories. Tooled, die-cast and completely assembled in the USA.  

Spec Sheet 3D Model - 2022_11_11