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Balanced and even exterior lighting that’s designed to fill the gap between the property boundary and the hotel entrance is the most important nighttime security feature for lodging facilities. When bathed in light, public areas are both inviting to the guest and a powerful deterrent to crime.

Companies in the lodging industry have realized that environmentally sound practices, such as installing Optec LED luminaires, not only help the environment but can also lead to cost reductions, business expansion and increased profit.

Excluding labor, energy is typically the highest cost that hoteliers face and is the single fastest-growing operating cost in the hospitality industry.[1] According to Flex Your Power™ and Energy Star ® the hospitality industry spends approximately $4 billion a year on energy, with electricity accounting for 60-70 percent of the utility costs.

In the hotel sector, reducing energy costs while continuing to meet the diverse needs of guests, owners and corporate requirements is challenging but by no means impossible. A large portion of a property’s energy costs is for lighting, representing almost a quarter of all electricity consumed [in a typical hotel].[2] But it doesn’t have to be that way. Lighting retrofits with LED luminaires can reduce electricity use by 50 percent or more.[3]

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