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Optec LED Lighting Begins Manufacturing in Wisconsin

California-based company moves operations to Brookfield 

Brookfield, WI, (September 30, 2022) – With the introduction of a new parking garage luminaire, OLPG1, Optec LED Lighting, Inc., (Optec) has begun manufacturing and shipping orders from a renovated 18,000-square-foot, multi-building facility in Brookfield. The revolutionary luminaire is designed, engineered, die cast, manufactured and completely assembled in Wisconsin and qualifies for the Federal Trade Commission’s “Made in the USA” label. 

“We moved operations from California to Wisconsin because of the exceptional quality of OEM companies and the dedicated workforce with strong, Midwestern values,” commented Jerry Luan, Owner and CEO.

Additionally, to be more efficient, production needs to be closer to the marketplace to better service customers on both coasts. Optec has completely renovated the leased facility into a manufacturing plant, that also includes R&D/engineering, sales and sales support, meeting rooms, an educational classroom, and a full-service testing lab. The facility is large enough to hold substantial inventory to meet market demands. 

While it’s a tight labor market, the 24 tech schools, colleges, and universities that call the Milwaukee region home, create a deep talent pool. The company currently has 25 employees and anticipates additional hiring as product orders for the new luminaire increase.

Optec is a Minority Business Enterprise and began as a subsidiary of Ontario, CA-based Optec Displays, an industry-leading LED display manufacturer. For 38 years, Optec has engineered and manufactured a wide range of ultra-bright, high-performance LED displays for various applications.


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