Optec National Accounts

Complete Lighting Programs


There’s more to servicing a national account than just supplying products.  We believe all aspects of a program need to be addressed.  From initial consultation and design, to planning and final implementation, all areas of concern are important.  Whether it’s new construction or retrofit, our dedicated and experienced staff will help you create a standardized, well-organized program that consistently delivers state-of-the-art lighting products and services at competitive prices,
anywhere in the country.

Optec is your single source for interior and exterior luminaires at every stage of commercial development for national accounts in retail, restaurant and hospitality.

Lighting Specifications

A successful lighting program starts with the right specification. Too many lighting programs are old and often times consist of outdated technologies or a mix of old and new from differing manufacturers and suppliers.  In other words, they lack standardization and cohesiveness from one location to another.

Optec NA recognizes this and has experienced lighting specialists who will address everything in great detail.  Whether creating a fixture schedule from scratch, or reviewing your current program, we have the resources to define or re-define an optimized program package.  We offer:

  • Clean-slate design of fixture schedules through one-on-one consultation. Creativity at this stage ensures your facilities will come to life and look their best while meeting performance requirements.
  • Review of current lighting programs with emphasis on incorporating the latest in energy saving and reduced maintenance products.
  • Budgeting to ensure the lighting package fits into the economic scope of your project or program.
  • Professional and easy-to-use documentation, including a complete fixture schedule with part numbers, brand, description and product specifications.
  • Project design.  Optec NA will take your existing plans and create lighting layouts. From interior spaces to outdoor site lighting, to life-safety egress, we’ll plot the fixtures and build fixture schedules that meet your requirements while adhering to the latest codes and energy regulations, such as local cutoff mandates and dark-sky ordinances.

Strategic Sourcing

After the lighting designs and specifications are established the challenge shifts to replication on a consistent basis. You need to control your program, so through strategic sourcing Optec NA enables your facilities’ personnel or franchisees to purchase the complete lighting package directly from a single source.  We provide competitive pricing on all products and work to minimize lead-times for quick turnaround.

Optec NA has well-established relationships in place to acquire the products needed to fulfill your lighting schedule. We know what it takes when it comes to sourcing.  We always work to secure:

  • Competitive prices based on projected volumes
  • Favorable freight allowed levels to keep shipping costs down
  • Best warranties possible
  • Reduced lead-times
  • Multiple warehousing or ship points for reduced costs and lead-times

For Optec LED Lighting-branded products we will automatically establish a stocking program specifically for you.  Often times these programs require no commitment.

Turnkey Services

Bidding out and managing turn-key projects or programs can be time consuming;  Optec NA has a nationwide network of licensed installers and in-house project managers to help get projects done on time and with consistency.  Many of these companies are both service providers and customers of Optec.  As a result we are able to secure favorable pricing and preferential treatment.  This enables us to provide you with complete turnkey proposals on all lighting projects as well as sign-lighting conversions.

To assure we have the best installation resources available we are always reviewing the performance of these installers through project punch lists and ongoing client feedback.  Checking to make sure all insurance requirements are maintained is another important task our staff oversees.

Site Services

Many organizations have locations with outdated lighting fixtures.  Often the make, model, type and wattage are forgotten or unknown.  In addition, some of these aging sites may have deteriorating conditions that need to be investigated and addressed.  Examples of this are the condition of poles and brackets or exposed wiring due to vandalism.  When it comes to identifying all of these things site surveys may be the best course of action.

Optec NA provides complete interior and exterior site survey services.  Survey programs are designed around your specific requirements and budget; the entire program is then managed through a database that is set up for you.   Whether it’s just a few locations or your entire system, Optec NA can set up and manage an effective site survey program.

Energy Incentive Programs

Many utilities around the country offer incentives for upgrades to energy saving technologies, .  even for new construction projects.  Researching these incentive programs is time consuming and often requires more than just a few clicks on a website.  These programs are changing from year to year, with many reducing the amount of funding as the program matures.  To determine if your program qualifies for incentive funds, we start by asking the utility program a few common questions, such as:

  • What are the qualifications
  • Does the program award on upgrades and new construction?
  • Is the program prescriptive, custom or both?  Which is the best way for us to go?
  • Is the program currently active or out of money?  If closed when will it be reinstated and will the funding pool and awards change?
  • What are the filing processes and procedures?  Are there post inspections and documentation filings required?

Optec NA will research each and every program for you and then report the findings so that sound business decisions can be made.  In addition to conducting research, Optec will also file all necessary applications in order to obtain the funds on your behalf.

Interested in knowing the payback?  No problem, Optec NA can calculate your return on investment using your estimated energy savings, maintenance costs and incentive award.

Account Management

Optec NA always assigns dedicated, experienced people to your account.  The team size and structure are determined by program activity levels and complexity.  Our goal is to always ensure our team members remain assigned to your account and grow with it.  Simply put, account managers who truly know our customers’ business and expectations are considered an asset.

Our customers always have a say in who is servicing them and how we are doing.  To assure we have the right people in place and everything we do meets expectations, joint customer business review meetings are always encouraged.  These meetings can be conducted by GoToMeeting ® or in person and can be held as often as desired.